Senior Production Blog 13 (4/21/2017)

And here we are, a week before our final build is due, and my hands are off the prototype. Eric is not letting anybody add or change things anymore and it's bug finding until the end days now.

I helped Emily run QA (and I will be helping her again tomorrow) in addition to adding a few polish pieces to the game: two particle effects that can be seen in the current build. A dew drop explosion for when a flower bursts open, and a rain effect that can help sell more emotional segments of the story. Speaking of the story, additional tweaks and changes have been made up to the last minute based on the artists needs. We lack the time to get every character and location in the game, so to avoid overworking the artists various changes have been made, moving characters from location to location, adding some clarifying pop up boxes, and more. All these adjustments have been added into the game's dialogue scripting files by me, and are final.

At this point there's not much I can do beyond some bug finding, and recovering from a brief cold I developed this week. Next up, senior show!