Back from Hibernation

Meditation Island 2019-01-30 10-22-11-06.png

It’s been a while! I’ve been busy job hunting and working retail and I’ve let making games slip by the wayside. My goal is to release something small each month now. Starting with this, Mediation Island. I recently built my first PC to VR specifications, and have been messing around with VR games to see what the current landscape looks like. I didn’t find very many games that were purpose built for just… relaxing. That’s where Mediation Island steps in. Beyond being a quick test to get an understanding on how VR development works (using the incredibly useful VRTK toolkit), I wanted to really create a space that was inviting and exciting to explore. Using Gaia’s incredibly powerful terrain and foliage generation and placement, I was able to craft an island I was happy with, and then tried out Derelict Computer’s DroneMachine to create some peaceful, low, grumbly ambient drone, that acts as a breathing guide.

Beyond this project, I have an idea for a VR toybox, as well as a 2D Puzzle game I’m quite excited about working on. Keep an eye out for them. Also, I will be attending GDC 2019, so if you want to meet up, feel free to contact me using the contact information seen here.

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