This page contains prototypes of varying quality of completion and polish.

Non Euclidean Level Design Test:

A test of a way to cheat a non-euclidean hallway in the Unity Engine. A short hallway becomes an impossibly long one. In actuality, there are two hallways, and a hidden player teleport moves the player between both hallways as seamlessly as I could manage.

Video demonstration to the left, and downloadable rough prototype here.


The Floor is Lava is a prototype made for the 0 Hour Game Jam, in which players jump from platform to platform collecting as many orbs as they can without falling into the lava below. Falling causes the game to quit entirely, adding additional risk and fear while playing.

Playable here and a Mac version is available here.




Super Jumping Action is a simple 2D platformer prototype made in one week, exploring player mobility in a platformer. Red areas block the ability to jump, while green areas allow the player to double jump. Clicking on in game "Flip" buttons allows for the switching of red and green areas, making previously impossible jumps possible.

Super Jumping Action is available here.



Apocalypse in Aisle 8 is a two player competitive game where players attempt to grab as many items in a super market as they can. Players can craft weapons used to slow down their opponent by collecting certain types of items. Whoever has the most points wins. It is playable here.

Made in 3 weeks by a team of 4 people: 

Design: Luca Hibbard-Curto

Programming: Ben Campbell

Art: Maria Crawford

Production: Emily Harnedy



Ice Cream Run is a simple Sokoban-like made by a team of 3 over the course of two weeks. It is playable here.

Design: Luca Hibbard-Curto

Art: Norman Paquette and Eric Winebrenner

Programming: Eric Winebrenner





Tomb Traps is a twist on a sliding block puzzle game. Players must move the yellow block to the red exit, but are allowed to rotate pieces on the light yellow spot on the board. Born out of a paper prototype, a buggy digital version is available here.