One Gun


One Gun

One Gun is a fast paced first person shooter hyper focused on player mobility and choice. In One Gun you have... one gun. This one gun has the ability to change its stats on the fly, allowing for the player to make the single gun feel like any kind of gun that they want. Shotgun? You got it. Raise the damage and fire rate, but lower the accuracy and bullet speed. Machine gun? Raise the bullet speed and fire rate, lower damage and accuracy. Pistol? Raise accuracy and bullet speed, but lower damage and fire rate. You get the picture.

I wore many hats during the development of One Gun. I created the original digital prototype singlehandedly in one week, and co-developed the "final build" of the initial prototype with Gill Yurick. This final prototype version can be seen in the second video on this page. This prototype would serve as the groundwork for the entire project, as additions and improvements were added on.

I served as the game's sound designer, creating more than 80 unique sounds and atmospheres trying to bring this oppressive robot filled cyberpunk dystopia to life. In addition, I worked with the other two designers to balance, adjust and brainstorm ways to make movement and shooting fun and feel good. Over the course of the 12 weeks, we created and balanced a double jump, recharging dash, and a bullet time system that allowed the player some breathing time during intense combat situations. 

I also served as a level designer, creating various level sketches throughout development that did not make it into the final game. However, I did create the level after the guided tutorial level, a sprawling, maze like level made out of broken steel platforms, boilers, and a whole lot of robots to shoot. Pictured below is an in engine screenshot showing enemy movement and cover points, as well as one of the largest rooms in the game. This room has three levels where the player can jump to and from while trying to evade enemy fire. This type of player freedom in movement was carried out from the systems to the design of the level, allowing players to move quickly between platform to platform.


Created over the course of 12 weeks during Champlain College's Study Abroad program in Montreal with a team of 9 people:

Producer: Ben Powell Francis 

Designers: Brennan Segarra, David Durmazolu, Luca Hibbard-Curto 


Enemy Design and Animations:

Aaron Higgins

Environmental Art:

Brian Hahn

Programmers: Gill Yurick, Dimitri Kazanecki, Nicholas Fiegel

The final build of One Gun is available here.