U scream! I Scream! We scream for UI!

Please excuse the artifacting on the .gifs. I need to find a better .gif maker.

UI drop down.gif

With loads of help from my fantastic roommates, I now have a fully functional* UI system in the Dream Surgeons demo. This concept came out of an idea I had for a final project last semester. Most point n click adventure games have lots of variance on how they play, control, etc, and UI is a big split as well. Most games fold the settings and save buttons into the inventory, but either make the inventory hidden on the sides of the screen, and make it show up when you mouse over that region, or make a button that brings it up once clicked. Neither really are satisfactory solutions, at least to me. And I came up with a system that naturally is hidden so you can enjoy the art of the game, but could also allow you to keep it up if you "lock it" in place. 

Full UI flow

Full UI flow

Next step? Put some items in that blank inventory space. And work out how to pick up items.

Luca Hibbard-Curto