Movement Complete! What does that mean?

After about 2 weeks of work on the unity prototype, I am now Movement complete (ish) on Dream Surgeons. What does that mean? Let this .gif's try to explain:

Please pardon the artifacts on the .gif. 

The player can click on a door, and once they are outside the door they enter the inside of the building, and walk around and leave. Less .giffable is the ability to double click: if you double click any door, you will instantly go where it takes you. 

With this, Dream Surgeons is largely movement complete, at least for this small scene. There's still plenty to be done, the water in the town square needs to be an unwalkable area, and the player should be able to double click on the ground in order to go faster, as well as blocking the sides of the interiors, and making navigation for the whole game, but for 2 weeks, it's pretty good. All the interiors (except the mysterious tunnel) all have interior art and an interior area. Because the tunnel is part of a puzzle, it's being saved for the puzzle sprint. Next stop: UI!

Luca Hibbard-Curto