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Hey there! As you probably know I have finally formally announced my first long term project: The Dream Surgeons! It's a point n click adventure game with a stop motion artstyle. Well, at some point, currently it looks like this:

If you haven't heard about Dream Surgeons, you can find more about it here, which contains info about the game, as well as a playable prototype made in Twine that should capture the mood and mechanics I'm aiming for. Obviously, It's not the full game, and that's what I'm working on here.

My college, Champlain College offers an amazing study abroad program, which I am currently participating in, studying abroad in Montreal. One of my classes is an Advanced Seminar, a chance to work on anything I want, within limits, and structure it's development along a class schedule. After working on the planning stages of Dream Surgeons for 2 years (mostly in my head), and using 2 class finals last semester to start actual work on it, I've decided to finally announce it (some may say prematurely) and work on adapting the Twine prototype into a demo.

Over the semester, I'll be working on a framework that will aid me in making the game playable from start to finish looking something like what you see above, and then, once it's all done, I'll go though and give it a handcrafted claymation finish. I'm super excited to finally announce my "dream" project, after all these years, and I'll be sharing it's progress alongside it's development on this blog.

Luca Hibbard-Curto