Senior Production Blog 9 (3/24/2017)

Work this week was light as people were still getting back into their routines after spring break, but this week I finished off the black story for each and every character as well as fleshing out the overarching narrative. I've taken the "Narrative Document" a document detailing the plot beats and locations of each and every person you meet in the game and given each character a more detailed backstory and reason for existing. You saw some of this in last blog post. This week I went through and I wrote backstory for the rest of the characters, who's art does not exist yet. It is my hope that my character backstories and personalities help influence the character portraits going forward. 

With this, after reviewing it with the team, I'm ready to move forward to actual dialogue, putting the pieces in place for the rest of the game. I'll essentially be writing all of the dialogue and thus setting the tone, pacing, and difficulty of the game forward, which is an exciting prospect.