Senior Production Blog 6 (2/24/2017)

Hello! Pardon the dust, things are looking new around here. I decided to fully remake my website from the ground up, the only old content, beyond a few images, and links to download or play games are the contents of this here development blog.

Things are still in flux, project pages are due to get a make over in a new static, more detail oriented manner, but for the most part, this is home now.

Beyond remaking this site from scratch, I wrote a brand new tutorial. Glynis provided the group with a list of radials and concepts that would be ideal for the player to learn during a tutorial, and I went to town, creating a new tutorial using the art assets for a friendly old lady sensei that Artist Connor has been making, to take things in a more visual novel style. Previously the tutorial was delivered as text on a scroll to the left of the game board. This move to a more visual novel style, makes it more personal, fits the narrative arcs we want to hit, and makes it less dull. It also no longer pulls the players attention away from the game board, instead popping up art and a text box on the bottom of the screen, and removing them when gameplay is active.

I would include pictures of this tutorial, but it's just a word document, formatted as a screenplay script, nothing particularly flashy or special about it so far, something that will change in the weeks ahead. This tutorial is of high priority as our Producer Emily and Lead Artist Maddie are heading to GDC and will be showing off the game in it's current state. Having the tutorial and possibly a first stage after that for showcasing is a great way to introduce new players into our game.

Once again, tomorrow we have our weekly meeting, earlier this time however, and Emily will be assigning people work to do while she's out at GDC showing the game to various people, but that's pretty much it for this week.

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