The Dream Surgeons (for class)


The Dream Surgeons

The Dream Surgeons is a work in progress Point and Click adventure game about facing your demons both literal and mentally.

James Cash and Anna Ortez are psychiatrists, and cash is running low. Problem is, going to a shrink is taboo, nobody wants to think they are crazy. However, they are psychiatrists with a difference: with the help of a little machine, known only as the Asbreams Q-Link, they can step inside their clients dreams, and fiddle around with them, and help fix the cycle of reoccurring nightmares, diagnose patients from within, and help their patients through their problems. 

But this new technology is worthless without clients, and James has a plan: a re-brand. Goodbye "Cash and Ortez Psychiatric Offices", hello "The Dream Surgeons". Reoccurring nightmares? Being stalked in your dreams? The Dream Surgeons can help. 

This new face attracts the attention of one Luke Chesterfield, a man who keeps having a reoccurring dream in which a convenience store fills with water and he drowns. However, solving this nightmare turns out to be more than what James and Anna can handle, as the dream starts to slowly spin out of control, ending with Luke being trapped layers deep within his own dreams. With Anna and James trapped in the dream along with him, they have no choice but to help.

The Dream Surgeons pulls equal inspiration from Pink Floyd's The Wall, Inception and To The Moon and plays like the Humongous line of Point-n'-Click adventure games meets Wallace and Gromit. The Dream Surgeons is currently targeting a 2021 release, with a early script available here.